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No one wants to deal with leaf removal at any time of year, but it is a necessary chore for every home’s upkeep and maintenance. You might live an incredibly busy life and simply do not have the time during the day to get out and rake, and that is okay! Same Day Lawn Service is the leaf removal contractor in Killeen, TX that will come in and complete a thorough job for a great price, guaranteed. All you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to their team, and before you know it, your leaves will have vanished.

Many contractors in Killeen, TX advertise thorough leaf removal services, and yet their actual service is sloppy or incomplete. With Same Day Lawn Service, however, leaf removal is actually 100% effective. Their technicians are not just going to punch in the clock and go through the motions, barely exerting any effort on your property. Their team is going to passionately go about systematically removing any trace of leaves from your lawn and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

Furthermore, Same Day Lawn Service completes all of its leaf removal services in record time. Unlike other contractors that have a habit of lingering on your premises, their technicians will get in and get out in no time at all, without making much of a disruption on your property in between. There is no reason to waste your time with a less reputable or less experienced leaf removal contractor that is going to provide half the effort.

Touch base with Same Day Lawn Service immediately for full-scale leaf removal at a very agreeable price!

Residential and Commercial leaf removal. 5 to 100 bags or more per job.

Because the largest amount of leaf clean up is raking and bagging, this is a time consuming task for you.
Our leaf mulching gator blades reduce the amount of collected leaves in half. For example 10 raked bags of leaves are equal to 5 hoppers full of mulched leaves.
1 hopper holds about 45 gallons of mulched leaves collected.( we use rear bagging zero turn mowers)
Leaf Clean up starts at $40.00. for the first 5 hoppers full of leaves. If you need more clean up it's $5.00 per full hopper after that.
This includes blowing flower beds, fence line and any other beddings.

*Small Leaf Clean Up around 1 to 5 hoppers = 10 raked bags. $40.00, 1 large tree or most front yards.
*Large Leaf Clean Up around 6 to 11 hoppers = 22 raked bags. $45.00 -$75.00, 1-2 large trees or most front and rear yards.
*Super Leaf Clean Up around 12 to 18 hoppers = 36 raked bags. $80.00 - $105.00, 3-4 large trees front and rear or most corner lots or large lots.

We offer paper or plastic bags depending on your city trash pick up policy.
We also offer tree and hedge trimming.

Location: Killeen, Copperas Cove, Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Nolanville,

Thursday and Saturday mornings for Belton, Temple, Salado, and Morgans Point. $60.00 minimum because we are out of Killeen.

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